Monday, November 27, 2017

As Vishwaksena in Vaishnav Temples

In Vaishnavite functions and temple rituals, Sri Vishwaksena is worshipped first.

Once Saint-Poet Kalamegam went to Sri Rangam Temple. He found to his surprise, Ganapati inside the shrine and Ganapati had Sri Churanam(Tilak) on His forehead. Vaishnavites call Him as Vishwaksena.

(Commander in Cheif) .This type of Ganapati images as Vishwaksena can be seen in some temples like Sri Rangam, Azhagar Kovil,Madurai and

Saint Poet Kalamegam immediately on seeing Vishwaksena sung an extempore poem.

" O Ganapati, you were born to Siva who vanquished Manamatha with sugar cane bow and flower arrows, Since your father is birthless and deathless, and You cannot become owner of His abundant wealth, You decided to come here as Vishwaksena, because Vishnu would take 10 Appearnace(Avatar) and eventually disappear, being a representation of Vishnu being Son of his Sister Parvathi you become the lawful owner of His properties!

(Source: Stray Tamil Verses. K. Subramanya Pillai.)