Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rewarded Devotion

Krishnaiyyer, a person in the services of Arcot Nawab, was a devout person. All others in the office were jealous that Krishnaiyyer was in the Nawab’s good books. They grabbed every petty opportunity to tarnish his name. He usually started his accounting for the day with a Pillaiyar Suzhi (invocation to Vinayaka).

The conspirators brought this to the Nawab’s notice. When the Nawab asked for the ledger, what was visible to him, was a line from the Holy Quran, in place of the Pillaiyar Suzhi. Some days later, Krishnaiyyer went on a week’s leave, not disclosing to his Islamic superior that he was on a pilgrimage to Tirupati. The scheming officers immediately sneaked this information to the Nawab.

Just before the Nawab could question Krishnaiyyer, a Sufi appeared, exclaiming to Krishnaiyyer, ‘I saw you at Mecca last week. How did you manage to return so early from your pilgrimage?’ A historical anecdote that evidences the Omnipresence of God.