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According to one tradition, Ganesha was a brahmacarin, that is, unmarried. This pattern is primarily popular in southern India . This tradition was linked to concepts of the relationship between celibacy and the development of spiritual power.

As a child Lord Ganesh was once playing with a cat. He pulled its tail and rolled it on the ground. Later, tired of this game, He decided to spend time with His mother, Parvati. He found her covered in dirt and with bruises. Surprised, He asked, “What happened, Mother?” “Remember the cat you were playing with… that was me. I am the Divine power that is exists in all beings.” Lord Ganesh realised that all women are extensions of His mother and decided never to marry.

Another interpretation is that His devotion towards His mother is the reason why He is considered as a celibate bachelor. To Him, she was the most beautiful and a perfect woman. He vowed that He could marry the girl who would match up to His mother’s beauty and divine qualities.It

Boon Exchange

Pleased with Appearance of Baby Ganesha Vishnu Gives Boon that Whichever
Side Ganesha is Present it will Gain Victory and Ganesha Joyed by this and to
help vishnu defeat the Demons as representative of begineer of any work Gives
Vishnu a Counch Representing Himself With the Boon that Whichever Side This
Counch is Blown it will Gain Victory

Avvaiyar Gets Transformed / More

Temples Usually Begin Small to Big

Hidden Ganesha

Ganesh (Inspired by Kurma Avatar) at Goa


Ganehsa Fights and Defeats Demons

Ganesha battling the demon Santhiyasura and destroying his pride

Ganesha defeating the powerful Lion asura(demon) with the assistance of the Serpent King, Vaasuki

Ganesha destroying the demon Kuppasura who had hid inside an anklet

Flows the Kaveri

Ganesha in the form of crow helps sage Agastya to locate the place to
spill Kaveri River from his water pot