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Mouse has larger sperm size than elephant

1. “We show that males invest more in sperm size and number in species where sperm from multiple males compete to fertilize eggs compared to monogamous species,” Fitzpatrick explained.
2. They also found that the size of the female influences whether it is better for a male to produce longer or more sperm.
3. In larger females, with bigger reproductive tracts, sperm can be lost or diluted on its journey to the egg. Therefore, in larger species males produce a lot of tiny sperm.
4. In contrast, in small species where sperm have an easier time finding the egg, males produce comparatively longer sperm.
5. “This demonstrates that the location where sperm compete – inside the female’s reproductive tract in mammals – determines when it pays a male to produce longer or more sperm,” the researchers said.
The study was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


A legend has it that the Sage Gautama lived in the Brahmagiri Hills at Trayambakeshwar with his wife Ahalya. The couple lived the rest of their lives in the then village "Govuru" which is now called "Kovvur"[Cow = ఆవు/గోవు] after the British rule. Ahalya lived in a nearby place "Thagami" which in due course of time changed to the name "Thogummi" .The Rishi as a reason for Annadanam(The nature of giving away food), started cultivating rice crops and other crops. Once, a holy cow(maaya-dhenu) created by Lord Ganesh on the wish of munis, which resembled a normal cow entered his abode and started spoiling the rice while he was meditating. Knowing that a cow shall not be treated harshly, he put the dharbha grass on the cow and to his surprise it fell dead. The munis and muni-patnis said “we thought that Gautama maharshi is an Uttama, but he did Go-hatya!”. The Rishi wished to atone for the sin of ‘Gohathya’ - killing a sacred cow. He went to Nashik and did Tapas to Lord Tryambakeshwar(Lord Shiva) on the advice of the other rishis. The rishi requests the lord to release him from the sin by making the River Ganges flow over the cow. Lord Shiva was pleased with the Rishi and diverted the river Ganges to flow over the cow where it died which is in "Govuru". The River Godavari is thus born in Nashikand flowing past the village Kovvur and merge with the Bay of Bengal at last.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Sri Ganesha Suprabhatham
[Good Morning to Lord Ganesha]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This is a rare stotra which I got from a hand out published in 1971 by the Sri Adhi Sankara Bhagawad Pada Veda Sabha, Triplicane, Madras which was printed in Tamil. Unfortunately in spite of my best search, I could not get it in Sanskrit alphabets. Tamil being phonetically inadequate, there may be many mistakes in the transliteration. I would be grateful to any one who can send the text in Deva Nagari or Malayalam script. I shall then re-do the transliteration and correct the translation.]

Sri Parvatheesa thapa prabhava,
Jatha suredya tharunendu chooda,
Kumbeendra vakthrascha kumara poojya,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 1

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who was born as the result of austerities of Shiva and Parvathi,
Who is being worshipped by devas,
Who wears the moon's crescent on his head,
Who has the head of an elephant,
And is worshipped by Lord Subrahmanya.

Himamsu samshobitha kireeda bhaga,
Himadhri jatha, nayanabhja bhanu,
Ramapatheedya, kamalasanastha,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 2

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who has a crown well lit by the crescent,
Who is the sun to the eyes of her who was born in Himalayas,
Who was worshipped by the consort of Lakshmi,
And who is seated on a lotus flower.

Kalyanadha, kamidatha kulabhja-
Konathrayastha guru rad prapoojya,
Kuladri jamathru sukha pradatha,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 3

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who blesses every one with all that is good,
Who grants every one all that they desire,
Who sits in the triangle in Mooladhara* lotus,
Who is worshipped by great Gurus,
And who gives happiness to son in law of the great mountain.
*Lord Ganesa occupies one triangle of the Mooladhara Chakra

Himachalothanga malo udhbavaya,
Sumanasanthar malamekha vayu,
Samari mithra mala chitha poojya,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 4

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who rose from the dirt on the body of the daughter of the mountain,
Who is like a wind towards the cloud like dirt in the mind of good people,
And considers enemies and friends as equal and worships them without dirt.

Panchanana pancha sarari soonu,
Panchasyavaho gaja raja vakthra,
Panchagahar dasritha bhaktha raje,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 5

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who has five faces and son of he who killed Manmatha who has five arrows,
Who rides on a lion, who has the face of the king of elephants,
And who destroys five types of sins of his devotees.

Shadvarna lakshya, shadripraharatha,
Shadur mihandacha shadambhujastha,
Sahadngrism shibhi kapala bhaga,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 6

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who is the aim of the chant with six letters,
Who steals the six types of bad habits from us,
Who lives in the six mooladhara wheels with happiness,
Who destroys the six Urmis like, It is and it is created
And who has two heads which is surrounded by bees.

Saptha swaranambi lakshya bhootha,
Nada swaroopo nayanabhi rama,
Saptha rishi sampujitha pada padma,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 7

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who is the aim of the seven musical notes,
Who is the form of sound and pleasing to the eyes,
And whose lotus like feet are worshipped by the seven great sages.

Puryashta kakara thanu purana,
Dandhee puranarshi shubha vidhangri,
Purana janmarjitha punya rasi,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 8

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Whose body is made of eight aspects like,
Pancha bhoothas,* sun, moon and the Lord,
Whose feet was worshipped by ancient sages like Sanaka,
And who is the form of holy deeds done in previous births.
* The five elements earth, sky, air, water and fire

Chathurbhujou bala ganadhi bhagya,
Yo bala sooryapa sareera kanthi,
Gowri sutha chootha phaladhi bhoktha,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 9

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who has four hands and is like the baby sun,
Who is called the baby chief of Ganas*,
Who is son of Parvathi and likes fruits like mango.
* Shiva's army

Umesha jatha tharuna runabha,
Gathrojjwala sri tharunabhi dhana,
Pasadhi sam shobhi bhujashtako ya,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 10

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who is son of lord of Parvathi and has the colour of rising sun,
Whose body shines as if it is gifted by Sun,
And who holds in his eight hands weapons like rope.

Deva sarad chandra vapu swa bhaktha,
Sidheshtadho bhaktha ganadhi Bhagya,
Chthurbhujo ya bala payaseshta,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 11

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who looks like the full moon of the autumn,
Who fulfills the wishes of his devotees,
Who is the luck of the hoard of his devotees,
Who has four hands and likes fruits and Payasa.*
* A sweet dish made out of rice and jaggery.

Veera petho ashta dasa hastha shobi,
Vetala mukhyayutha jaala eedya,
Swagathra shobhajitha bala surya,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 12

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who is a hero with his eighteen hands,
Armed with Vetala, spear and other arms,
And whose body shines like the young sun.

Umasutha pushtaka hara danda,
Kamandaludhyathkara varijatha,
Chathurbhuja chandra nibha thwajakya,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 13

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who is the son of the Goddess Uma,
Whose four hands are armed with book,
Garland Stick and water pot of sages,
And who has the white colour of Chandra.

Sidhahavya pushpa sumanjarikshu,
Dandathi pakvamra kutara pani,
Sri Sidhitha pingala varna gathra,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 14

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who is a realized soul, armed with flower bouquet,
Sugarcane, axe and a ripe fruit of mango,
Who is blessed by goddess of wealth,
And has a body which is of reddish brown.

Pasangusow kalpalatham swa dandham,
Kshiprahvayo rathna gatam dadana,
Devo japa pushpa nibhasva gathra,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 15

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who is armed with rope, goad, branch of wish giving climber,
And his own tusk in his four hands.
Who holds a pot of gems in his trunk,
Who is a god with the red colour of hibiscus.

Kudara mukhyayudha shobi hastha,
Padmashtako hataka thulya varna,
Vignahvayo bhooshana bhooshithanga,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 16 

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who is armed in his eight hands with axe, lotus etc,
Who is of the colour of purest gold,
Who is well ornamented and removes obstacles.

Pasangusaabheethi varaan dadana,
Rakthambaro raktha mayanga raga,
Ekaksharakyo vidhu shobi mouli,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 17 

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who holds rope and goad and shows,
Signs of blessing and fulfilling of wishes in his four hands,
Who wears red cloths and applies red sandalwood paste,
And who is called one lettered one* and wears the crescent.
* He is considered to have the form of letter Om

Pasangusavamra balam swadantham,
Karair dadana Vijayabhidana,
Rakthajwalo mooshika vahanastha,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 18 

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who holds rope goad, mango and his own tusk in his four hands,
Who shines like blood, rides on a mouse,
And who is forever victorious.

Nruthe radha kalpatharoradhasthan,
Karthaswarapa kara shadkayuktha,
Lambhodara laksha swarna dada,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 19 

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who dances below the wish giving tree,
Who is of the colour of gold and has six hands,
Who has a big paunch and gives millions of gold .

Rakthambaradya runa mochanagnya,
Kundendhu sankha spatikapa gaathra,
Chathurhuja charu thara swa drishti,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 20 

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who wears red cloth and removes all loans taken,
Who is as white as jasmine, moon, crystal and conch,
And who has four hands and very attractive glance.

Balena varno vara yoga patta,
Dareendra neelambara druk swa leena,
Yogasanasthascha nimlithaksha,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 21 

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who has the shine simlar to the rising sun,
Who wears the crown of Yoga,
Who wears blue cloths and drowned within himself,
And sitting in a yogic pose has closed eyes.

Pasangusou modhaka megha dantham,
Karair dadhana kalithapa haari,
Devo haridhrabha samana gathra,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 22 

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who holds rope goad, tusk and Modhaka* in his four hands,
Who removes the pain created by the kali age,
And who is the God having body similar to turmeric.
*A savory ball made of rice and jaggery

Dandhamra pasangusa shobhi hastha,
Rakthambaro mooshika vahanadya,
Srushtya hwayo asesha jagath prapoojya,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 23 

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who has tusk, mango rope and goad in his four hands,
Who is of the colour of blood and rides on a mouse,
And who is the creator and is being worshipped by the world.

Sidheswara sidhitha Sidhi Budhi,
Shakthi thwaya shobhitha parswa bhaga,
Sidheswaradhitha pada bhaga,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 24 

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who can be got only by very great sages,
On whose both sides Sidhi and budhi *
And whose feet are worshipped by Sidheswaras.
* Sidhi (occult powers) and Budhi (wisdom) are considered as wives of Lord Ganesa by some people.

Bandaji sandarshitha bahu danda,
Parakramo akanda sidhi pradha tha,
Gandanga samshobhitha bala bhaga,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 25 

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who exhibited his strength in the war with Bandasura*,
Who grants limitless occult powers to his devotees,
And whose head shines with the moon's crescent that he wears.
* Goddess lalitha waged a war against this asura and killed him.

Bhakthi priyo bhukthi kavithva mukthi.,
Sukthi pradho bhaktha mahac sayaanaam,
Suktha priya sudha sidhi pradhayi,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 26 

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who being a lover of his devotees,
Grants joy, poetic skill, salvation,
And good speaking ability to his devotees,
Who loves the chanting of Ganapathi Suktha*,
And who grants unalloyed wisdom.
*Also called Brahmanaspathi

Deva Chathurthyam brugu vasare cha,
Mithrodhaye tharpana home thushta,
Durva priyo dur manaso athi dhoora,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 27 

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who is extremely pleased by tharpana,
Or Homa done on Chathurthi as well as Fridays,
Who likes being worshipped by Durva grass,
And who is far away from the mind of people with bad minds.

Anatha kalyana gunaika bhoomi,
Anantha hrud padma vihara bhoomi.
Sananthana theedya padaravinda,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham. 28 

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who is home of all the good qualities,
Who plays in the lotus like heart of Adhi Sesha,
And whose lotus like feet are worshipped by sages like Sanantha.

Kalpaga Vinayaka Suprabatham
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[There is a very famous Ganesha temple in a place called Pillayarpatti in Tamil Nadu, where the deity is called Kalpaga Vinayagar.]

1. Rathna pradheepa visadeekrutha soudha madhye, 
Mukthasma Garbha mani ranchitha hema manche, 
Suptha sukham Sura vadhoo kalithopacharai, 
Uthishta kalpaga vinayaka suprabatham. 

In the middle of the very decorated house shining with jewels, 
On the golden cot studded with pearls and gems, 
You are sleeping being attended to by celestial maidens, 
And Oh wish fulfilling Ganesha, please wake up, a good morning to you. 

2. Veena mrudanga panavadhi vichithra vadhyai, 
Gayanthi naka lalanaa thava punya keerthim, 
Sruvannnitham madhura geetham, amandha harshaath, 
Uthishta kalpaga vinayaka suprabatham. 

With the great instruments like Veena, Mrudanga and other instruments playing, 
The Naga maidens are singing your holy songs, 
And hearing that sweet music, please wake up with joy, 
Oh wish fulfilling Ganesha, a very good morning to you. 

3. Vedaa saho upanishadaam nikarena moorthaa, 
Prahwaa pranamya sirasaa parameshti mukhyai, 
Bhakthyaa sthuvanthi krutha kethara vaang mayai thwaam, 
Uthishta kalpaga vinayaka suprabatham. 

Seeing your form which is equal to Vedas and Upanishads, 
Shiva and other godly gladly saluted with their head, 
And are praising you with devotion using very pleasing words, 
Oh wish fulfilling Ganesha, a very good morning to you. 

4. Saptha rishaya sarojanir Madhu kaitabhari, 
Indradhi deva nikara sanakadhayascha, 
Kamkshanthi darsana ananythayaaprapanaa, 
Uthishta kalpaga vinayaka suprabatham. 

The seven great saints, Brahma, Lord Vishnu, 
Sanaka and other sages as well as Indra and other devas, 
Are desiring to see you along with several other devotees, 
Oh wish fulfilling Ganesha, a very good morning to you. 

5. Aahruthya punya salilaani nadhi nadhebhya, 
Rathnabhisheka kalasair vidhinaa vidhijnaa, 
Kamkshanthi devam abhishechayithum suresam, 
Uthishta kalpaga vinayaka suprabatham. 

The sacred waters from rivers and rivers have come, 
And are stored by Brahmins in gem studded pots, 
And devas are desiring to give the sacred bath to the lord of devas, 
Oh wish fulfilling Ganesha, a very good morning to you. 

6. Vandharu brundha hrudayambuja Bhaskarasya, 
Mandara moola mani peeta sukhasthithasya, 
Kumbhodharadhi jana mandala mandithasya, 
Swananda pathana pathesthwa suprabatham. 

The reverential sun of the many lotus flowers 
The God who sits on the gem studded seat at the bottom of Mandhara tree,* 
The God with is big paunch, decorated by people, 
A very good morning to you who is the lord of the town of joy, 
* Calatropis Gigantean

7. Vaikunta Padma bhava veejitha chamarasya, 
Suthra madharitha sitha thapa varanasya, 
Kumbhodharena drutha pada saroruhasya, 
Bhadrasanastha nrupathe sthava suprabatham. 

Oh God who is fanned by Lord Brahma of Vaikunta, 
Oh elephant god tamed only by the formula of penance, 
Who wears a big paunch and lotus like feet, 
A very good morning to you who sits like a king on a throne. 

8. SWananda punyanagare nava rathna soudhe, 
Simhasane Priya vadhoom vinvesya parswe, 
Jabali Kasyapa Mathanga mukhyai muneendrai, 
Pattabhishiktha gananayaka suprabatham. 

In the blessed town of joy, in the palace made of nine gems, 
Sitting in the throne with his darling on the side, 
Crowned by Jabali, Kashyapa, Matanga, 
And other great sages, A very good morning to you.

śrī vighneśvara ṣoḍaśa nāmāvaḷiḥ
oṃ sumukhāya namaḥ
oṃ ekadantāya namaḥ
oṃ kapilāya namaḥ
oṃ gajakarṇakāya namaḥ
oṃ lambodarāya namaḥ
oṃ vikaṭāya namaḥ
oṃ vighnarājāya namaḥ
oṃ gaṇādhipāya namaḥ
oṃ dhūmraketave namaḥ
oṃ gaṇādhyakṣāya namaḥ
oṃ phālacandrāya namaḥ
oṃ gajānanāya namaḥ
oṃ vakratuṇḍāya namaḥ
oṃ śūrpakarṇāya namaḥ
oṃ herambāya namaḥ
oṃ skandapūrvajāya namaḥ

śrī vighneśvara ṣoḍaśanāma stotram
sumukhaścaikadantaśca kapilo gajakarṇakaḥ |
lambodaraśca vikaṭo vighnarājo gaṇādhipaḥ || 1 ||

dhūmra ketuḥ gaṇādhyakṣo phālacandro gajānanaḥ |
vakratuṇḍa śśūrpakarṇo herambaḥ skandapūrvajaḥ || 2 ||

ṣoḍaśaitāni nāmāni yaḥ paṭhet śṛṇu yādapi |
vidyārambhe vivāhe ca praveśe nirgame tathā |
saṅgrāme sarva kāryeṣu vighnastasya na jāyate || 3 ||


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Ganeshani - Female Form Of Ganesh

Meaning of the name Ganeshani (गणेशनी) : .
Origin : Hindu / Indian

गणेशनी की राशि / Ganeshani Name Rashi : मकर (Capricorn)
मकर राशि का स्वामी ग्रह शनि होता है। भगवान शनि देव और हनुमान जी को मकर राशि का आराध्य देव माना जाता है।
शुभ रत्न / Lucky Gemstone : नीलम
शुभ रुद्राक्ष / Lucky Rudrakash : सात मुखी रुद्राक्ष
नामांक / Name Numerology : 2